Net Metering

Net Metering

Two-way electricity meters are integrated with hybrid or grid-connected solar panels for net metering. These solar panels must be connected to three-phase power connections to inject and offset excess energy into the national grid. By net metering, landlord can earn units based on the amount of energy returned to the grid. Generated electricity units can be utilized to get free electricity units.

Net Metering in Pakistan:

Net metering in Pakistan is a reverse billing mechanism that counts electricity units to the grid produced by solar system. For instance, if landlord have a photovoltaic frame, it may generate more electricity than a facility uses in the sun. If the house is net metered, the meter will run in reverse to record the amount of electricity produced by Solar System and used at night or at different times facility electricity usage exceeds the system’s output. This will let you pay for “net” energy utility. Advanced digital meters keep running in two bearings to accommodate the electricity generated in the customer’s home. Net metering allows customers to produce electricity efficiently.

How Net Metering works in Pakistan:

Net metering systems in Pakistan are a relatively new concept and are very beneficial to solar system owners. Since the country has more than sufficient of sunshine, solar panels generate more electricity than we need during the day, and this excess energy is useless without a net metered solar system at your facility. AA Solar Services is opt to provide you full net metering application till its successful completion and installation. Net metering is a new and legal concept in the country, as NEPRA has issued regulations about it few years back, both home or business owners can avail the advantages of net metering.

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Making it Easy: A Simple Guide to Our Process

Step 1

Site Inspection

Our installer will go to the physical site and inspect the roof and other dimensions to prepare the design. Once inspection is complete our operations team will start preparing the engineering
Step 2


Our operations team will reach out to NEPRA for any approval required for the solar installation. Our team will reach out to LESCO to take necessary approvals for net metering.
Step 3


Our installers will make sure to follow all structural and electrical codes for a safe and aesthetic installation. Our team will do necessary frame installation using galvanized pipes and base plates.

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