Residential Solar Solution

Residential Solar Solution

We provide customized solar systems tailored to meet the unique energy needs of homeowners. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property and design a solar energy system that maximizes energy production while complementing the aesthetics of your home. With our assistance, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bills while increasing your property value. We offer 10 Years warranty of our Solar Solutions.

AA Solar Services offers 2 types of mounting system for installation:

Roof Mounted Solar Solution

Rooftop solar solutions are the most common and most popular solutions in Pakistan, its the quickest & secure way to install a system depending on the allotted area. Our experts does site inspection and create real-time survey report and supervise the installation team till the JOB IS DONE. We design the project to meet the wind and rain loads using concrete base or pile driven foundations. Residential Mounting solution is designed flexibly and aesthetically using MS Pipes and concrete foundation. Racking structure is mixture of both Aluminum and Steel. Racking system contains 2 layers of Paint i.e. Red oxide and galvanized paint to prevent it from corrosion.

Ground Mounted Solar Solution:

Ground Mounted Solar solution, our experts do site inspection of ground mud or sand condition & local requirements of the area including sun direction and other viable circumstances for installation. Our technical team is well qualified & experience and can provide design diagram of proposed system. Due to diverse sites by their locality, structure & measurement, we provide custom design as per customer needs & wants. We use galvanized steel posts into the ground to the required depth. Racking system is strong and cost effective and adaptable to most conditions.

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Making it Easy: A Simple Guide to Our Process

Step 1

Site Inspection

Our installer will go to the physical site and inspect the roof and other dimensions to prepare the design. Once inspection is complete our operations team will start preparing the engineering
Step 2


Our operations team will reach out to NEPRA for any approval required for the solar installation. Our team will reach out to LESCO to take necessary approvals for net metering.
Step 3


Our installers will make sure to follow all structural and electrical codes for a safe and aesthetic installation. Our team will do necessary frame installation using galvanized pipes and base plates.

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