Solar Financing

Solar Financing


AA Solar Services provides a CREDIT facility for their customers under the program “Solar Financing” launched by SBP - State Bank of Pakistan to obtain PKR 0.5 million to 10 million, SBP published revised SBP Renewable Energy Financing Standards in Pakistan in 2016. Through the solar financing scheme, we can encourage people in the industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural sectors to invest in renewable energy. With Solar Financing in Pakistan, we can help our clients to purchase solar energy systems in Pakistan with simple monthly installments.

Benefit of Solar Financing:

The plan will encourage more consumers to use renewable energy, in helping to achieve a free and uninterrupted power supply. The excess energy generated should be made available to others through net metering, thus benefits the entire country

Recent Projects

Making it Easy: A Simple Guide to Our Process

Step 1

Site Inspection

Our installer will go to the physical site and inspect the roof and other dimensions to prepare the design. Once inspection is complete our operations team will start preparing the engineering
Step 2


Our operations team will reach out to NEPRA for any approval required for the solar installation. Our team will reach out to LESCO to take necessary approvals for net metering.
Step 3


Our installers will make sure to follow all structural and electrical codes for a safe and aesthetic installation. Our team will do necessary frame installation using galvanized pipes and base plates.

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